Lucid Motors Paused Lucid Air Production From May 29 To June 4 To Support The Air Pure

June 23, 2022

Business Insider reports that Lucid Motors has confirmed with them that the EV company paused production at their Lucid Motors factory in Arizona between May 29th and June 4th. “We had a planned production pause in late May to prepare the equipment on the line for our upcoming Lucid Air Pure,” said Lucid Motors head of communications, Natalie Lingo.

Insider said the scheduled pause “was instituted so Lucid could install tooling needed for assembly of the $87,400 Air Pure” which is expected to start full production in Q4 of this year.

The thing is, it seems that although Lucid had a scheduled pause, we have not seen much production levels coming out of the factory until just this week, as we reported here. We have seen several weeks of delays caused by the recall and other inspection and quality issues since mid-May. We saw Lucid delivery centers stop receiving cars for a period of time, Lucid also doubled the inspection of each car and even adding one third final inspection and is now starting to deliver those cars from mid-May through mid-June. In fact, Zak Edson, the VP of Sales and Service, sent some Lucid Air customers emails about this delay back on June 14th telling those customers they hope to deliver their cars by June 30th.

Why June 30th? Well, that would be the end of the quarter and investors are watching production and delivery numbers closely. I had my estimates of those figures but honestly, I think Lucid is now at least 6 to 8 weeks behind.

By May, we know Lucid Motors delivered 1,117 cars based on the recall data. Will Lucid be able to it 1,860 by June 30th? I am not sure – it will be tight. It seems to me Lucid is doing what they can to get most of those cars in pre-delivery inspection, in the customer’s hands by June 30th. I hear some customers are being shuttled to the Lucid centers by Uber or Lift to pick up their cars, instead of Lucid driving it to their homes. Also, I know some that are flying to Lucid locations and driving those EVs home.

This is at least the second factory pause Lucid Motors confirmed.

The next earnings call should be interesting to listen to.

Personally, I just can’t wait to get my Lucid Air. I am told to expect the VIN really soon and then delivery 4-6 weeks later.