Lucid Motors Offers Home Delivery, Pick Up At Service Center Or Lyft Lux or UberX Service

May 5, 2022

For those who want to accept their new Lucid Air vehicles, it seems Lucid Motors offers three methods for accepting those cars.

(1) Home delivery via on an enclosed trailer

(2) Pick Up at a Service Center (which we’ve also seen)

(3) Lyft Lux or UberX to drive you to get the car

This is the first I am hearing about the Lyft Lux option. It seems Lucid Motors will put you in a luxury Lyft and drive you to a service center to pick up your Lucid Air yourself. Lyft Lux service guarantees a driver will pick you up in “a premium ride such as a BMW 5 Series or Cadillac Escalade.”

Maybe this means Lucid Motors is having issues with the home deliveries or maybe this means some people want to go to the service center but have no way of driving two cars home.

The moderator in the Lucid Owners Forums wrote “several members who have picked up have gotten picked up by Lucid or at least driven to the service center.” He also added “Lucid has been really struggling to find trucks and drivers and employee time to home delivery a lot of cars. It would make sense for them to spend $100 to Uber a customer to a service center vs thousands to home deliver.”

Personally, I probably would want Lucid to drop the car off at my home – so I can do more of a set up with my garage, charging cables and get more one-on-one attention. But if that meant getting the car a week later, I might opt for a lift.