Lucid Motors Issues Recall For Glass Cockpit Instrument Panel For 1,117 Lucid Air EVs

May 25, 2022

Lucid Motors has sent emails to some customers who have already received their Lucid Air EVs about a new recall. This one is specific to the ethernet wiring harness for the Glass Cockpit instrument panel. Lucid Motors said this harness may have not have been secured properly. This seems to impact both Dream Edition and Grand Touring models but how many were actually impacted is hard to know. The NHTSA site says that the potential number of units affected is 1,117.

“The harness can become damaged by rubbing against another part of the vehicle, and disable the display screens. Disabled display screens will not show critical information, such as speed, gear selection indicators, warning lights, and other in-vehicle notifications, which can increase the risk of a crash,” the company added.

Lucid is asking those affected to call Lucid to inspect and secure that harness and if necessary, replce the harness at no cost to the customer. Lucid wrote “Please reach out to a Lucid Service Center or contact Lucid Customer Care at 888-99-LUCID or to schedule time to have your Lucid Air inspected as soon as possible. We apologize for this inconvenience and assure you that any inspection and remedy (if necessary) will be performed at NO CHARGE to you. Please contact a Lucid Service Center or Lucid Customer Care to schedule an appointment to have the vehicle inspected as soon as possible.”

The inspection process takes about 30 minutes to complete and if repair is needed, that will take about 8 hours and be done at a Lucid Service Center.

So the rumors we heard and reported about Lucid making adjustments to the glass canopy were accurate.

Also, this is why we likely have heard rumors of Lucid Motors halting deliveries and why the most recent flyovers at the Lucid Motors factory showed fewer wrapped cars ready to go. This is also why customers have been waiting longer from VIN assignment to car delivery, and also why Lucid has been telling customers about a third final inspection.

One customer spoke to a Lucid service center after receiving this notice and he said “Just spoke to service center in Riviera Beach. They said fix takes a few minutes. Literally all that’s needed are some zip ties to make sure the Ethernet wiring harness is secured.”

Based on the NHTSA site that there are 1,117 potentially affected cars, which sounds like the number of Lucid Air EVs that may have been delivered thus far (based on my estimates). So maybe virtually 100% of the Lucid Airs are potentially affects?

This is the second recall Lucid Motors had, the first was super early on related to a suspension problem in a few cars.

Update: Here is the statement Lucid Motors is sending reporters:

“For Lucid, the safety of our customers and their families is the highest priority. Lucid is recalling certain model year 2022 Lucid Air vehicles because of the possibility that the wiring connection to the instrument panel may not have been secured properly during assembly. The recall applies to 1,117 vehicles that have been delivered to customers, and it is estimated that the defect is present on 1% of cars. Lucid is not aware of any instances when these components have failed in a vehicle or caused an interruption to the instrument display panel.”

Updated this story at 5:20pm ET: A Lucid Air owner brought their car to a Lucid service center to be inspected. He wrote in the Lucid Owner Forums “I am at the Millbrae Center now and my car is being inspected while I wait. Chris (I assume a Lucid rep) just told me they have already inspected all the cars here awaiting delivery to customers and none of them had any problem related to the recall. There are a ton of cars here now.”

Here is the recall letter and the posting on the NHTSA site:

Credit to the Lucid Owners Forums.