Report: Lucid Connected Home Charging Station Coming Within Weeks

September 14, 2022

Rumor has it that the Lucid Motors designed home charging station will be available this month, in the coming weeks. As you may know, Lucid Motors has its own Lucid Connected Home Charging Station that supports faster charging and bi-directional charging back to your home.

Previously, we heard directly from a Lucid executive that it was coming “very soon” and expected last July but that came and went. We think we have seen examples of almost ready production models of the Lucid home charger before, but it was not 100% clear if those were real. I believe that maybe those were just branded normal chargers without the special featured to be offered in the final version of the home charger.

We covered previously how to prepare your home for this Lucid home charging station. We also have only heard rumors of what this Lucid Connected Home Charging Station will cost, many were thinking between $1,000 and $2,000.

The report comes way of the Lucid Owners Forum where a person posted “Heard that the current Air owners should get an email about getting the Lucid Home Charger within a week or two. Hope that is correct. After the current owners have the ability to purchase, it will be released to others.”

We will see…