Lucid Motors Added A 3rd Inspection, A Final “Fit and Finish” Check, Before Delivery

May 20, 2022

Earlier this week, we reported that Lucid Motors had decided to double the inspection of each Lucid Air vehicle before the EV company delivers the car to the customer. Now, I am hearing that they are adding on a third inspection, a final “fit and finish” check before the releasing the car for delivery to the customer.

Third Inspection Of The Lucid Air

This update comes from a customer who is expecting his Lucid Air delivered any day now but keeps asking his delivery advisor for updates. He posted in the Lucid Owners Forum:

My advisor called me this morning to tell me that management had decided to do a 3rd inspection on the cars before delivery to do another ‘Fit and Finish” check for Gaps in the Panels. He still thinks delivery should happen June 7th. Hopefully if they find issues they will replace those parts unless it is an assembly issue.

Quality Control Being Addressed By Lucid Motors

As you previously saw from a very non-representative sample survey of some Lucid Air owners, it seems like most Lucid Airs have had service calls numerous times in the short timespan of ownership. True or not, Lucid Motors is reportedly taking quality control seriously and has supposedly increased the time it takes to inspect cars by two-times and then adding on a final third inspection to the mix prior to releasing the EV to customers.

Unconfirmed Issues Prior To Additional Inspection Checks

I’ve been watching the owner forums for months now and watching both the good and the bad reactions from customers. Overall the reactions are mostly positive but like with any new car there will be issues. Here are some of the issues that very few customers have reported thus far specifically with the hardware and finish of the car. Software is another story, but here are some of the issues I’ve heard from a limited number of Lucid Air owners:

  • Turtle mode where the car goes limp
  • Misalignment of panels
  • Window covers not securely attached
  • Weird squeaking noises
  • Light signal issues
  • and other issues

Lucid Is Watching Customer Feedback

As I said previously, it is outstanding to know the folks at Lucid Motors are watching these forums and taking steps to improve quality assurance at every step of the way.

I do believe there are numerous reps from Lucid Motors looking at the feedback on the internet, not just from big press or big time car reviewers, but also in the forums where Lucid owners are posting praise and complaints about their cars.

It is because of the feedback in the forums and directly from customer calls to the service center why these additional measures are being taken – assuming they are true.

Delaying Deliveries of Lucid Air EVs

There is no doubt that adding in more time for inspection time will delay some orders in some way. Maybe it will add a week or so of delays to customers, it is hard to say. If a car quickly passes all inspections, then I doubt there will be much delay.

But the purpose of these inspections is to catch issues and issues are found, those issues need to be fixed before it can be released for delivery. So instead of the car being delivered to the customer and then the customer finding the issue and reporting it to Lucid to be fixed, now Lucid hopes to find those issues prior to the customer noticing them.

I do think the delays are warranted and should be appreciated. I for one, don’t want to receive my car and then find an issue and have to send it back to Lucid to be fixed.