About The Lucid Insider

The Lucid Insider is a blog or news site devoted to covering news, trends, topics and quirks about Lucid Motors and the Lucid Air, plus future cars developed by Lucid Motors.

The coverage on this site will be detailed, very in the weeds, where I hope to highlight topics and details that other blogs might miss. This will be done by watching and analyzing how real-life owners interact with their Lucid Air cars, how investors respond to the earnings news and how Lucid reps interact with customers.

Despite the name of this site, Lucid Insider, we have zero inside information from within Lucid Group or Lucid Motors. The name “insider” was more from an inside perspective of someone who ordered (and will soon own) the Lucid Air, following what other Lucid Air owners are saying and being deep in the weeds of the Lucid online communities. This is similar to the name of popular sites like Apple Insider, Business Insider and others.

This site will only share details that were publicly posted online, private conversations or unverified tips will not be covered without there being a public source to link to. Linking to sources is incredibly important to the ethics of this site and the other sites I run.

Coverage will include:

  • Issues Lucid Air owners are having with their cars
  • Delivery expectations
  • Showroom experience
  • Lucid software issues and quirks
  • Drive reviews
  • General Lucid news
  • Maybe some stock items (I did buy Lucid stock, like I did Tesla stock and others)
  • My own experience buying and owning a Lucid Air
  • and more.

This site is operated by Barry Schwartz, who is a well known blogger and reporter on search marketing and search engine news and tactics. He writes at the Search Engine Roundtable for the past couple of decades and Search Engine Land as well. Barry also is the CEO of RustyBrick, a web and mobile development company based in New York. To learn more about Barry, see his full bio over here and his disclosures and disclaimers.