Lucid Motors Reportedly Doubled Inspection Time For Lucid Air EVs Before Delivery To Customers

May 16, 2022

As you saw from a very non-representative sample survey of some Lucid Air owners, it seems like most Lucid Airs have had service calls numerous times in the short timespan of ownership. True or not, Lucid Motors is reportedly taking quality control seriously and has supposedly increased the time it takes to inspect cars by two-times.

Double Inspection Time This Past Week

A Lucid Air customer said in a Lucid Owners Forum that he spoke with his delivery advisor on Friday, May 13, 2022, and his advisor told him “setup and inspection time after cars are received from the Casa Grande factory has been doubled.” He added this started “this week” and “apparently they saw some comments about issues that should have been caught before delivery, and are being twice as thorough in pre-delivery.”

Lucid Is Watching Customer Feedback

It is outstanding to know the folks at Lucid Motors are watching these forums and taking steps to improve quality assurance at every step of the way.

I do believe there are numerous reps from Lucid Motors looking at the feedback on the internet, not just from big press or big time car reviewers, but also in the forums where Lucid owners are posting praise and complaints about their cars.

Backlog Brewing?

The issue with doubling the inspection time is that it takes more time and Lucid can process less cars in the same amount of time. This person wrote in the forums “naturally a backlog is building” and thus cars may take longer to be delivered to their owners.

He also added that he is “all in favor of top build and delivery quality in these luxury automobiles.”

I suspect you want your car delivered right and not broken.