Report: Some Lucid Motors Delivery Centers Did Not Receive Lucid Air Deliveries Last Week

May 23, 2022

In the most recent two fly overs, once last Monday and the other last Wednesday, we didn’t see any new Lucid Air vehicles wrapped in the bottom most lot. That lot normally has the trailer where Lucid Motors loads up those wrapped Lucid Air EVs to go to their next destination, a delivery center.

But at least one Lucid delivery center, the one in Millbrae, in San Francisco, California – reportedly did not receive any new shipments this week from the Lucid Motors factory in Arizona. A Lucid Air buyer posted on the Lucid Owners Forum on Friday afternoon saying about the Millbrae Lucid delivery center, “they mentioned they had not received any new deliveries from the factory this week. But were expecting that to change next week – we will see…”

He also added “Went into the Millbrae sales center today. They must have had 30 cars waiting on pick up or going through final inspection. Saw my first 2 Grey’s that were getting ready for detailing. Color is exactly what i expected. They look amazing. It will be worth the wait for all us Grey orders.” So that is good to hear about the grey colors, which we posted a ton of photos and a video of grey Lucid Airs.

It was weird to see zero cars in the lower lot last week – maybe between the fly over photos and this report, maybe Lucid did not ship any Lucid Air EVs to delivery centers last week?

We did also hear about Lucid Motors doubling the inspection of each car and even adding one third final inspection before the car is released to the customer for delivery. Maybe these delivery centers are too filled to handle any more from the factory but maybe also next week we will see these cars released and more cars shipped out to Lucid delivery centers?

Again, these are posts from non-verified people posting in forums – but you bet there is no way Lucid Motors would verify or deny any of this information. Also, this is just one delivery center, not the several other delivery centers Lucid has.

Personally, as a Lucid Air buyer, I think it is a good thing they stepped up inspection levels and I do think waiting a few more weeks would be worth it for most customers.