How Long Does It Take To Get Your Lucid Air?

July 11, 2022

One of the most popular questions around the Lucid Air is how long does it take to get the Lucid Air in your driveway. Lucid Motors has been telling those who ordered the Grand Touring this year that it takes about two to five months from when you place your order. But is that still the case with the the recall issue and the additional pre-delivery inspections, with a third fit and finish inspection? Maybe not.

Truth is, your Lucid Air does not really get moving until it goes into production. What is production? Well, that is when you get an email from your Lucid Deliver Advisor who gives you a VIN number.

In the early days, Lucid Motors would be able to go from VIN assignment to delivery on average within 23 days. That timeline seems to be long gone with the executive changes within the company related to these hardware quality issues and the new PDI efforts.

New Lucid Air Production To Delivery Timeline

What is the new timeline after these enhanced quality measures have gone in place? Well, a customer recently posted the timeline he was given by his Lucid Motors Delivery Advisor in the Lucid Owners Forum, it showed more like a 9 week timeline from VIN assignment (when the Air goes into production) to delivery.

Here is the timeline he posted:

1. VIN is issued when the car gets into the manufacturing process – Assume Day 0
2. It takes about 6 weeks to manufacture the car as of now – 6 weeks
3. Then it is shipped to the nearest service center 5-7 days – 1 week
4. Pre-delivery inspection and detailing are done – 2 weeks
5. Delivery – Exciting day for buyer 

This comes out to be 9 weeks from VIN assignment (when the Air goes into production) to delivery.

Actual Results Since Enhanced Lucid Air PDI

It is hard to give actual results because there was this recall and it is hard to say which cars were impacted by those slowdowns and which were not. It is also hard to know when this all started. But if I start with the ongoing Grand Touring tracker thread and look at cars that received VINs but have not yet received their cars, this is what I am seeing.

Keep in mind, there are some folks who are getting lucky and picking up a cancelled Lucid Air and thus skipping the PDI efforts and timelines, so you need to exclude those. Also, it seems like Lucid Motors is able to move much faster with the red exterior option, although, it is not clear why.

There are tons of VIN assignments in the thread with mid-April dates that have yet to receive their Lucid Air GTs yet. Those are waiting now over 10 to 11 weeks.

To fully see the new delivery timeframes, you need to look at cars delivered in late June 2022. Some of those hit 6 weeks, which is double that of the earlier timelines. But like I said, maybe are 10-11 weeks out since their VIN assignments with no car yet. The issue is, if a car goes through PDI and there is an issue, that can set the car delivery back several more weeks until the issue is resolved and then inspected again.

We should know more on actual timelines in the next month or so, after we see more deliveries.

For now, it seems Lucid Motors is telling some customers, they can see their Lucid Air Grand Touring EVs delivered about 9 weeks from VIN assignment.

No Longer 2-5 Months From Order Confirmation?

Where does that put the 2-5 month timeline from order confirmation? Well, I ordered March 29th or so, I have no VIN, if I get a VIN today, that would put me at 5 and a half months from confirmation. No, I do not have a VIN yet, so it seems like the 2-5 month timeline i was given, likely won’t be met?