Report: Lucid Air Apple CarPlay Coming In Next Major Software Update

July 11, 2022

There is a report in the Lucid Owners Forum from a Lucid Air owner who was told at the delivery center or by a Lucid Motors delivery representative that the next major software (OTA) release for the Lucid Air will have Apple CarPlay.

He wrote in the forum “My delivery person at the service center said that CarPlay should be in the next major update (But of course no guarantees) Major updates are released about once per quarter. Minor updates for bug quashing are released in between. So likely another couple of months, since the last major update, version 1.2.6, was released about a month ago.”

Yes, Lucid Air OTA 1.2.6 was about a month ago, and to no one’s surprise, it did not have Apple CarPlay.

But if it is in about two months, like the post above suggests, that aligns with previous estimates that the Lucid Air will have Apple CarPlay by the end of the summer.

A few weeks ago, Polestar began to rollout Apple CarPlay support for its EVs. So there is pressure for Lucid Motors to get there as well, espesially since Lucid Motors has been marketing this on their site to customers.

Apple CarPlay is one of the main reasons I ordered the Lucid Air, as many other customers, over other EVs.

I also think CarPlay support will resolve some of the larger software complaints with the Lucid Air.

So here is hoping to Lucid Air Apple CarPlay support in the next couple of months.

Update: Later today, we spotted a new post on Reddit with an alleged beta version of Apple CarPlay running on a Lucid Air.