Nicolas Minbiole Replaces Peter Hochholdinger To Oversee Lucid’s Manufacturing Quality

May 26, 2022

Nicolas Minbiole, the Vice President of Global Quality at Lucid Motors is replacing Peter Hochholdinger, the Vice President of Manufacturing at Lucid Motors with overseeing manufacturing quality at the Lucid plant.

Business Insider reports “Lucid Motors is shifting the roles of two top executives as the company pushes to address the ongoing quality issues that have hampered production, sources familiar with the changes told Insider.” “Peter Hochholdinger, Lucid’s manufacturing vice president and a longtime Audi veteran and former VP of production at Tesla, will no longer oversee manufacturing quality. VP of global quality Nicolas Minbiole will now oversee quality for manufacturing, suppliers, and packaging, in an attempt to address ongoing supply and production snafus, three sources with direct knowledge said.”

This may be directly related to recent recall issue which requires Lucid Motors to inspect every one of the 1,117 EVs it delivered to customers and set deliveries and production back about two-weeks or so at the plant and delivery centers.

To be clear, it does not appear Peter Hochholdinger was fired or that he resigned, it is just that he was moved out of the role of overseeing manufacturing quality.

Who Is Peter Hochholdinger

Peter Hochholdinger, the man on the right of the photo above, is the Vice President of Manufacturing at Lucid Motors. He was hired on July 1, 2019 and has worked at the new EV startup over the past almost 3 years. Prior to that he was the Vice President of Production at Tesla for just over three years and before that he was at Audi for about 16 years, with his last give years at Audi as the Senior Director of Production.

When he was hired at Lucid Motors, Peter Rawlinson, Lucid CEO and CTO said, “Peter’s extensive experience and proven leadership in premium-vehicle manufacturing will prove invaluable as we continue our progress towards the launch of Lucid Air and future models. In joining Lucid, Peter is empowered to create an industry-leading manufacturing process that will deliver the quality products our discerning customers demand and deserve.”

Who Is Nicolas Minbiole

Nicolas Minbiole, the man on the left of the photo abocve, is the Vice President of Global Quality at Lucid Motors. He was hired in March 2019 and has worked at the new EV start up over the past three-plus years. Prior to that he was a Managing Partner at 3Tree Consulting, which specializes in corporate turnarounds, program rescues, and transformational improvement of manufacturing, quality, procurement, and innovation functions. He’s also held various leadership roles at CAE, Airbus, Tesla, and Nissan, with a focus on building internal organizations focused on quality and deploying custom quality management systems for each.

When he was hired at Lucid Motors, Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO, Lucid Motors said “we are delighted to have Michael, Achim and Nicolas join the Lucid team. Their exceptional skills, gained from years at notable high-tech companies, will help drive continuous innovation, excellence and quality at Lucid.”