Rumor: Lucid Air To Gain New Self-Driving Features, New Windshield and New Steering Wheel

May 23, 2022

Here are some hot new rumors coming from the Lucid Owners Forum, where one owner of a Lucid Air Dream Edition (Range) said he was talking to a Lucid Motors service technician who came out to fix some “creaking” noises with his Lucid Air. He said he was told three hot tidbits from this Lucid representation; I’ll go in order of lease exciting to most exciting.

New Steering Wheels

He was told that Lucid Motors may be releasing new steering wheels for the Lucid Air. He said these steering wheels are “better performing” and may be rolled out in the future. He added that it was unclear from his conversation with the Lucid service technician if this is just for new builds of Lucid Air or if Lucid may be allowing previous builds to get these new steering wheels.

New Windshield Design For Glass Canopy

He also said that Lucid is rolling out a new design for the windshield, aka the glass canopy. He said this is not yet released, so it is different from what we covered with the E-Z pass transponder update. He said this new glass canopy should reduce road and air noise significantly.

I don’t think it was that noisy from the reviews I’ve read, in fact, most people felt it was pretty quiet. But maybe some builds are not?

New Self Driving Functionality

The last tidbit is the most exciting and it is about new self-driving functionality that will roll out next month for Dream Drive Pro customers. Right now the self-driving features are pretty limited and we are all hopeful that this upgrade brings a nice number of features.

Supposedly this is why the windshield was designed, to support these new self-driving features. But does that mean Lucid Motors would have to replace the windshields on the hundreds of Lucid Airs they have already delivered? Seems like Lucid would try to avoid that?

Caveat / Disclaimer

This Dream Edition owner did post this disclaimer saying he was “passing on what I was told, please do not hold me accountable to the accuracy of any of the above…just posting for the benefit of my fellow owners.”

This is super exciting to me to hear and again, I am not covering this for LCID stock reasons, I am covering this because I ordered the Lucid Air and I am excited to track the progress of features of the Lucid Air over time.