Lucid Motors To Begin Production Of Cosmo Silver Airs In 2-6 Weeks?

September 6, 2022

We heard that Lucid Motors likely won’t deliver Lucid Air Grand Tourings in the Cosmo Silver exterior color until Q4 2022. Just yesterday, another customer who ordered a Lucid Air Grand Tourings in Cosmo Silver posted in the Lucid Owners Forums that his delivery advisor at Lucid Motors said that production should start in 2 to 6 weeks from now.

He was told the “harmonizing” process for the Cosmo Silver paint was now done and fully tested and production of these cars should begin soon.

He wrote that his delivery advisor at Lucid Motors “was upbeat about current production success. Of course mentioned several times that Rawlinson and head of Engineering were on production floor. Glad they are focusing on production.” He also said that the deliver advisor “stated that all paint harmonizing was complete and production should begin within 2 to 6 weeks.” “I believe he said that it’s possible all existing GT orders could be filled before year end,” he added.

Just a note, we have seen some Cosmo Silver exteriors in the Lucid Motors factory lot as early as May 2022. They should have started production in June 2022 but maybe not full production? The same messaging was given about the old Quantum Grey delays, with the harmony process for the color application.

We will keep you posted when we see the first delivery of a Lucid Air in Cosmo Silver.