Cosmo Silver Lucid Air Grand Touring Production Begins June 2022?

April 21, 2022

Lucid Motors has been producing and delivering Lucid Air Grand Touring trims in black, white and red. The grey exterior is now finally in production with deliveries expected within weeks. But the Cosmo Silver exterior has not yet started yet. We wrote earlier about how color choice may delay your Grand Touring delivery times and that has proven to be true.

The latest we heard about the Cosmo Silver exterior is that Lucid will begin production of them in June with deliveries to follow in July through September.

The other day, a Lucid reservation holder, Bel, wrote in the Lucid Owner Forum that he heard from his DA, delivery advisor, for the first time yesterday. Bel ordered the Lucid Air Grand Touring in Silver and confirmed that order on March 30th. Bel said:

Ordered 3/30. AGT, silver, 19″, tahoe. First DA call today. He said silver production starts in jun, delivery jul-sep. I believe sep more. He said the bidirectional charging box will be available jun and is $1000. Doesnt come with utility disconnect or manual or automatic transfer switch. Im sure anything that invariantly can backfeed power to the utility needs to be installed per utility rules. He said 240 V receptacle takes 10 hrs to charge and the bidirectional box 7 hrs. He offered home delivery in covered truck for free or pickup at service center in Seattle. Im 80 miles north. Seattle doesn’t have studio yet.

So hopefully we will see progress with the silvers in the coming months!