Lucid Air Quantum Grey Exterior Quality Delays?

April 3, 2022

There may be quality control issues and thus delays for those who ordered the Lucid Air Grand Touring trims with an exterior color in Quantum Grey. So far, we have yet to see any of those who ordered the Quantum Gray exterior get email notifications that they have been assigned a VIN for their car and I am hearing unconfirmed details that there was a quality control issue with the Quantum Grey color not matching properly and having to be sent back to the manufacturer.

No VIN Assignments For Quantum Grey Yet

According to the Lucid Owners Forums Grand Touring Batch Tracker thread, there are currently zero cars in the Quantum Grey exterior color with a VIN assigned to them. There are plenty of white, black and red exteriors that were confirmed and have VIN assignments but currently zero in the grey exterior.

We did expect delays, as per the Lucid Air web site, for the Cosmo Silver exterior – but not the Quantum Grey exterior.

Quality Control Issues For Quantum Grey?

According to one Lucid Air buyer, who said he spoke with a Lucid Motors employee at one of the Lucid Studio showrooms, who said there was a quality issue with the color of the grey that was delivered to Lucid’s manufacturing plant.

He said that he found out that the grey paint batch “that had been delivered from the manufacturer was off from their interior color palette so they rejected it” by Lucid Motors. Lucid then had to “get a new batch from the manufacturer,” which I am not yet sure if they received. He was told that this “is what caused the delay.”

When Will The Quantum Grey Move?

That is hard to estimate, Lucid has not given notice to any customers that ordered that there would be extended delays. They have given all those who have confirmed ETAs of about 3-4 months or so. But the ones that are now getting the cars delivered within weeks are those who reserved the black, white or red exterior colors.

I did ask if they got the new batch of gray paint in, and he thought so. He said “supposedly.” He added “I asked if they are officially painting grey cars and they didn’t know.”

April 6 Update: Grey Harmony Issues Push Deliveries To June?

On April 6, 2022, we have an update from a Lucid customer who reserved and ordered the Lucid Air early on. He was able to speak with a new delivery advisor who confirmed the grey delays, they are calling it internally an issue with the Grey paint properly harmonizing when applied to the car. At this point, he is unclear if they figured out the paint issue but he was told he should expect a VIN for the grey Lucid Air GT in late April, and he feels he should have the car sometime in June.

Here is what he wrote in the Lucid Owner Forums:

So I just got an status update and it looks like what we call in San Diego, “May Grey” and “June Gloom“ and I’m not talking about the weather. It wasn’t my DA who called, but I have been “reassigned.” Why? Don’t know and the new DA just saw that I was assigned to him this morning. Probably because my old one did not want to be the bearer of bad news and more “Grey delay.” My VIN which had been tentative for April 11th has now been pushed to mid to late April (read that as LATE APRIL from the tone of the conversation). Was told about the “Grey harmony issues” that have been described on the board previously. He was non -commitL as to wether or not they have the harmony “harmonized” and more or less confirmed, as I interpreted the conversation, that there have been no grey VINs issued. My guess is they are still attempting to make harmony. Anyway, that will likely push my delivery into June (stated 2-6 weeks from VIN, but with my experience, nothing is either the short end nor does it make the long) or into 7 months on a 2-4 month delivery timeline and I am completely frustrated by all this. At least he has communicated more than I had received before. All I can say on this part of the process is that they better damn well have all the other parts to install once they learn how to paint. I will be a VERY UNHAPPY customer if, for example, they received a new batch of carper that did not meet specs and we undergo further delays after having all the parts and delivering cars for people who reserved this calendar year.

For those who have received their cars and say the after delivery service is superb, all I can say is that it better be the best damn service I have ever seen and my car, after waiting 7 months to build it, better have ZERO fit and finish issues after I leave the lot. I also fully expect non-glitchy software for basic functions, such as turning on, unlocking, functional back up cameras, opening /closing the garage door, etc. After all, they have had an extended time to correct everything while they learn to “harmonize.”

April 8 Update: No Delay, This Is All Normal & VINs Assignment Coming Soon

Here is what another person heard from a Lucid Deliver Advisor as posted in the Lucid Owners forums:

The forums are always an interesting place to visit. While much of what I see in there is a blend between speculation and fact, the end result is a lot of calls with customers expressing concerns for things that are usually less concerning than they are made out to be.
Every color that is used on a customer vehicle must undergo color harmonizing exercises. This is to ensure consistency in the quality of the paint. Even slight variations will be difficult to resolve once applied to a customer car.
Dream Edition was our first trim and colors like the red, black and white were harmonized much sooner than colors like the grey and silver. Many will call out that no grey cars have been confirmed to be delivered, but I would go much further beyond that and say that there are only a limited number of Grand Touring cars that have been delivered in general.
For Cosmos Silver, this color is expected to come in the third quarter with deliveries starting in July/ August. This estimate has not changed but I do want to call out that anything is possible as we navigate the uncertainty plaguing suppliers. It is possible for Cosmos Silver to come a bit sooner but it is possible for the silver color to be delayed further. With a few months out from July, it is too far in advance to predict what the situation will be at that time.

Grey Cars are already receiving estimated VIN assignment dates and those VIN’s are expected within days for some people and just weeks for others. I would not label this as a delay as it is reflective of the variances that happen with production. Color harmonization must happen before a paint is used on a vehicle and naturally, some colors will be harmonized before others