Lucid Motors Releases Lucid Air OTA Software Update v1.2.11 For Navigation

August 25, 2022

Lucid Motors has released version 1.2.11 of the Lucid Air vehicle software, it is an over-the-air update that started to roll out to customers yesterday. This update delivers improvements to your Lucid Air’s navigation and other minor updates. (Note the original story said a boot time improvement was in this specific release, that was incorrect, it is coming in a future release in the future.)

What’s New in Version 1.2.11

Lucid Motors wrote, “with this update, we’re delivering Navigation enhancements and other minor updates and fixes.”

  • We’ve improved the map setting in Navigation by giving you the option to turn live traffic and satellite map layers on and off. To access these settings, open Navigation, tap the Gear icon, and adjust the toggles as desired.
  • Drivers who are looking for complimentary charging in Canada can now search for and navigate to Electrify Canada charging stations more easily.
  • Other minor updates, improvements, and fixes.

This update should take about 90 minutes to install on your Lucid Air.

Here is a screenshot of the update from the Lucid Owners Forum:

Lucid Air Drivers’ Feedback

Here is some of the feedback on this update from some Lucid Air drivers via the forum and on Twitter:

Boot Time Improvements Coming Later

The original story mistakenly said that boot time improvements were in version 1.2.10, that was incorrect. The story removed references to that, but that is coming in a future update as Jeff Curry from Lucid Motors said on Twitter last night. “Another Lucid Air software OTA inbound. Adding satellite maps and traffic layers with selectable settings – releasing starting this week. Just one of many enhancements planned for Lucid UX over coming weeks including dramatic boot time improvement,” Jeff Curry wrote:

Prior Lucid OTA Updates

The prior version was version 1.2.10 on August 12, 2022 that delivered improvements to your Lucid Air’s energy and charging system. Then version 1.2.9 on August 7, 2022 for enhancements and improvements to two DreamDrive features, Lucid Stability Control, and your vehicle’s Stop Mode. Then version 1.2.76 on July 27, 2022 was designed to warn drivers of an “unlikely event” when there is a “concern with battery operation is detected by the vehicle.” Then on version 1.2.75 released July 21, 2022 added several EPS improvements, power steering fix, improved tow and break-in alert to avoid false alarms, especially in hot weather, and communication error fix.. Then version 1.2.7 released around July 11th, which improved the cars software features, specifically improving the over-the-air (OTA) updates. The update comes about a month after version 1.2.6 and almost two months after version 1.2.5 was released. In v1.2.6 Lucid Motors added new languages, key fob improvements, traffic sign recognition, navigation, offline navigation mode, more interactive maps, improved range estimates, other navigation updates, and other minor updates. Version 1.2.5 added new languages, improves key fob, traffic sign recognition was added, and other minor updates.