Lucid Motors Releases Lucid Air Update Improving Key Fob, Traffic Signs and More in v1.2.5

May 18, 2022

It seems like it has been almost two months, maybe six weeks, since Lucid Motors has pushed out a OTA (over the air) software update for the Lucid Air. Lucid just pushed out version 1.2.5 of the Lucid Air vehicle software update that adds new languages, improves the key fob, traffic sign recognition was added and other minor updates.

Sadly, there is no sign of Apple CarPlay support in this update but that is expected by the end of the summer.

Here is what is new:

New Languages

You can now set French (Canada) or Spanish (Mexico) as your system language. These new language settings apply to both your display and navigation.

To change your language setting, tap Displays > System Language and select your desired language from the list.

Key Fob

You can now open your trunk with your key fob.

To open the trunk, short press the key fob once, then long press again.

If you are within range, the trunk will open. You can also close the trunk using the same short – then long – press combination.

Previously the key fob only opened the doors or frunk.

Here is how to use the key fob now:

  • One short press: lock
  • Two short presses: unlock
  • Hold press: open/close frunk
  • Short press then hold press: open/close trunk

Traffic Sign Recognition

Lucid enhanced the Lucid Air’s vehicle’s ability to identify traffic signs, including those in Canada. Your vehicle notifies you when it recognizes certain traffic signs, keeping you informed of speed limit changes and other important road information.

Sound System

Lucid enabled Dolby Atmos and HiFi steaming in TIDAL for higher quality audio experience when you have an eligible TIDAL account.

Climate Control

Lucid improved fan operation for a more comfortable climate control experience.

Other Improvements

Lucid added they pushed out “other minor updates, improvements and fixes.”

We saw Lucid Motors push rapid software updates over the air early on, and there was a longer pause recently. Hopefully Lucid will release more rapid software updates for the Lucid Air going forward.

Here are some screenshots of this update from the Lucid Air via the Lucid Owners Forum: