Lucid Motors To Unveil New Vehicle Variant On August 19th

August 11, 2022

Lucid Motors has sent out a press release about how it will showcase the Lucid Air at “multiple high-profile events during Monterey Car Week.” One thing mentioned in that press release was that on August 19th at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, Lucid will “host a press conference in its display on the central lawn at 10:05 am PDT for a global debut of a new vehicle variant that could only come from Lucid. Following the reveal, key leadership will be on hand to showcase this stunning new addition to the Lucid Air lineup.”

The only hint outside of the line above that Lucid provided was this tweet:

What new variant is expected? Well, maybe the “blue means go” is a blue-colored exterior? But would that be enough to be a new “variant?” I doubt it. The same logic goes with the stealth mode announced for a $6,000 upgrade. I also doubt this is referring to the Lucid Gravity SUV, that would not be a variant, that is a whole new line. Maybe Travis Morgan, a Dream Edition owner, said on Twitter, maybe the tri-motor Lucid Air?

Lucid will for sure keep us waiting to hear and see what the company has to show us at this event.

Until then, what do you think this new variant will be? I am going to go with Travis and guess a tri-motor variant in a blue-colored exterior.

Here is a Twitter poll on what Lucid might announce:

Update: The next day, Lucid Motors dropped another tease, which makes a lot more people think there is a tri-motor Lucid Air coming. Find out more over here.