Many Lucid Reservation Holders Would Reconsider The Lucid Air If They Lose The EV Tax Credit

August 11, 2022

There is an interesting poll at the Lucid Owners Forum asking “Would losing out on the $7500 EV tax credit cause you to reconsider your Lucid Air Pure reservation?” The poll has only 55 submissions but it is probably an okay sample size based on the 37,000 or so reservations Lucid claimed they have in total.

  • 52.7% or 29 Lucid Pure reservation holders said they would consider their reservation
  • 47.3% or 26 Lucid Pure reservation holders said they would move forward with their reservation

Basically, 50% of these folks said they might not buy the Lucid Air Pure if they lost the EV tax credit. It is believed that the majority, by far, of the reservations, are for the Pure trim. Seeking Alpha, if you trust them, said 85% of the 37,000 reservations are for the Pure.

The issue may be a non-issue being that Lucid has done their best to help reservation holders to lock in their tax credit early. So hopefully this is a non-issue now, but you probably want to lock in your order now and then see what happens with the bill when it is officially passed.

It does make sense that those buying the lowest cost trim of the Lucid Air would be cost-conscious about losing the $7,500 tax credit.