Lucid Air Electric Vehicle Registration Shows At Least 60 In NY, 43 In Washington, 17 In Colorado & More

August 12, 2022

The last time we updated you on the EV registration data by state was in May, some of the data were updated this morning via the data hub, specific for New York State, Washington State, and Colorado State. There may be other data sources, but this is the source I found that seems to have consolidated a lot of this data in one place.

Most states have not updated the EV registration data for several months but New York State, Washington State, and Colorado State all updated their data through August 1, 2022.

Here is how many Lucid Airs have been registered in these three states through August 1st:

  • 60 Lucid Airs registered in New York State (NY had 13 registered through May 1st, so a lot of growth here)
  • 43 Lucid Airs registered in Washington State (Washington had 7 registered through April 26, 2022)
  • 17 Lucid Airs registered in Colorado State (I believe Colorado had zero registered when I reported anything back in May)

Also note, that I don’t believe this represents the actual number of Lucid Air EVs in these states. It is just the number of Lucid Air EVs which were registered in those states.

Here is the source I am currently using, if you have a better data source, let me know in the comments below.