Lucid’s Jenkins: Lucid Home Charging Station Is Done & Ready To Ship

July 20, 2022

In the keynote video from last week, Derek Jenkins the Senior Vice President of Design and Brand at Lucid Motors said that the Lucid Connected Home Charging Station is done and ready to ship. But the Lucid Motors PR team in the background of the video would not say when it will ship exactly.

This came up at the 50-minute mark in the keynote, during the Q&A session. The question was, is Lucid going to have a home charging system, Derek responded “we already do, it is just launching as we speak.” He added “we have our portable charger, which comes with every car and then we have the high-powered 220 charger which is going to be available, I think, Dave do we know the timing of that? I don’t know. It is done, it is ready to start shipping.”

We actually saw this charger in action not long ago, we are expecting to be able to buy this Lucid charger in July 2022. Although, now I am hearing this is delayed a bit longer Lucid Motors has not commented about this outside of what we covered here. It is good to see this charger in action. We covered previously how to prepare your home for this Lucid home charging station. We also have only heard rumors of what this Lucid Connected Home Charging Station will cost, many were thinking between $1,000 and $2,000.