Report: Lucid Connected Home Charging Station To Cost $1,200

June 3, 2022

We are expecting the Lucid Connected Home Charging Station to come soon, last we heard from a Lucid representative was that we will be able to buy it in July 2022. Although, now i am hearing this is delayed a bit longer but Lucid Motors has not commented about this outside of what we covered here.

We also have only heard rumors of what this Lucid Connected Home Charging Station will cost, many were thinking between $1,000 and $2,000.

I just heard that a Lucid buyer was told by a Lucid Motors representative that this Lucid Connected Home Charging Station will cost $1,200. This comes via the Lucid Owners Forum from who said:

“I got this information last week. The wall charger is $1,200, but it’s rated for up to 100 amps (hard-wired of course). It can be wired for 50 amps with a NEMA 14-50 plug. The unit is bi-directional. I have no clue on how this is enabled, but I’ll bet it will require additional hardware, like a transfer switch of some kind. It won’t be as simple as installing a ChargePoint+ or JuiceBox which are not bi-directional.”

As a reminder, the Lucid Connected Home Charging Station does bi-directional charging, so you can use the power in your Lucid Air to power your home – if you want to.

We covered previously how to prepare your home for this Lucid home charging station.

$1,200 seems like a very good deal, but I do expect you to need a transfer switch, I am not sure if that is included in this price – I doubt it. And I do expect the cost to install this over a normal wall charger would be a lot more expensive. All in, this might cost you $1,200 for the device, another few hundred for the transfer switch and then another $1,000 or more for the electrician to install this in your home.

I am not going with Lucid’s charger because (1) I have a natural gas generator for my home and I rather not use my car’s battery to power my home (why drain it if I have a gas generator) and (2) I don’t need to charge at 100 amps, the 40 amps I have with the Wallbox is more than enough for me.