Lucid Connected Home Charging Station “Coming Very Soon”

April 7, 2022

One of the top questions I hear from Lucid buyers is when will the Lucid connected home charging station become available? There are rumors that it should be out in the third quarter of 2022 but maybe it will be sooner? The VP of marketing at Lucid Motors, Jeff Curry, said on Twitter that the charger is “coming very soon to the Lucid Store.” He also added the line that “it will be worth the wait…” which Lucid sales folks have been trained to say about everything Lucid…

Here are those tweets:

The Lucid home charger offers bidirectional charging, so technically, you can use your car’s battery to power your house when the power goes out. You can learn more about this charger over here.

How soon is “very soon” is the big question, I asked but have not yet heard back.

Update: Jeff Curry replied that he expects it by July 2022: