Lucid Motors Shows The Connected Home Charging Station In Action

June 19, 2022

Lucid Motors has its own Lucid Connected Home Charging Station that supports faster charging and bi-directional charging back to your home. We have seen the charger before, mostly hanging in a section of the Lucid Studios but we (I) have never seen it powered on and charging a car. That is until now.

Lucid Motors shared some photos and videos out of the Denver Lucid Studio opening and some of those photos and videos showed the Lucid Connected Home Charging Station powered and charging a Lucid Air. The best videos I could find of this was on the Lucid Motors Instagram stories post.

Here you can see the car plugged in and charging through the Lucid Connected Home Charging Station:

Here is a close up of the Lucid Connected Home Charging Station pulsing while on and operating:

Here is a still photo of the charger plugged into the Lucid Air:

Larger photo of a Lucid Air using this charger:

As a reminder, we are expecting to be able to be able to buy this Lucid charger in July 2022. Although, now I am hearing this is delayed a bit longer but Lucid Motors has not commented about this outside of what we covered here. It is good to see this charger in action. We covered previously how to prepare your home for this Lucid home charging station. We also have only heard rumors of what this Lucid Connected Home Charging Station will cost, many were thinking between $1,000 and $2,000.