Lucid Keynote With Derek Jenkins Of Lucid & Jonny Lieberman Of Motor Trend

July 20, 2022

As you know, there was this Lucid Motors reporter event last week, we posted tons of the reviews out of that event here. But part of the event, there was an hour keynote with Derek Jenkins the Senior Vice President of Design and Brand at Lucid, who was interviewed by Jonny Lieberman Of MotorTrend.

Here are points from the talk:

  • Jonny Lieberman spoke about Lucid winning the MotorTrend Car of the Year
  • Jonny Lieberman ordered the Lucid Air I think just at this event?
  • Derek Jenkins’s professional history and love of cars
  • How Derek Jenkins went to Lucid
  • The passion of Lucid, the CEO, and more
  • Spoke about how Lucid differentiated from other auto companies
  • The vast majority of Lucid’s customers are curious about EVs but have not found the right product (that is me)
  • The whole sedan vs SUV topic
  • The overall design of the Lucid Air, how far Lucid was able to take the design (like Elvis he said…)
  • How California is important to the Lucid brand and design
  • All of Lucid’s efforts, website, marketing, and studios are done in-house and not outsourced
  • Design and branding are consolidated
  • Derek has a 27-person team doing web, marketing, retail, social media, digital, etc…
  • More on the Lucid Studio
  • Why are the car interior colors different from rear vs front? The front is driver-focused and the rear is lounge focused.
  • Lucid is aggressively working on its new product, the Gravity SUV
  • Lucid sports coming? Maybe in some ways…
  • The Gravity SUV teaser is just a teaser, it won’t be exactly like that at all and won’t say much more (needs to stay competitive)
  • No plans for a convertible
  • The Lucid at-home charger is coming soon
  • Going to the luxury market was a business decision
  • Long term, the most efficient EV to scale to other price markets
  • Fully autonomous cars and how to design such a car
  • And a lot of interesting Q&A

Here is the full video:

Hat tip to Lucid’s Len Devanna for posting this on Twitter.