Another Small Update For Lucid Mobile App for iOS and Android

July 18, 2022

Lucid Motors has pushed out yet another small update for the iOS Lucid app and for the Android Lucid app today, this is version 1.17. This is a small update is noted to include only “bug fixes and enhancements.” Since I do not yet have a Lucid Air to try this out on (hopefully mine will come soon), I cannot yet comment on what specifically was fixed here. I will track what Lucid Air owners say about this update and report back if/when I hear back.

The last update was version 1.16 on July 7th which had the ability to update the first and last name associated with your Lucid ID from the app and other fixes. Before that was version 1.15.1 back on June 26th or so, but version 1.15.1 brought the ability to check the charging screen updates, for iOS new Apple Watch Siri support, and many other bug fixes.

What’s New

Like I said, not much is new, both iOS and Android have the same notes:

  • Other bug fixes and enhancements

One person in the Lucid Owners Forum said that “You can open up EA stations details from map view.” Although, I think this was available in a previous release. He shared these screenshots:


I do a big deep dive on what you can do in the Lucid App for iOS and Android, so learn more about the app over here.

Lucid last update was version 1.16 on July 7th and before that was version 1.15.1 back on June 26th, before that the Android app on June 10th with “bug fixes and enhancements” and last updated the iOS app on June 2nd with bug fixes and enhancements.

Lucid Air owners are discussing this app update over here in the Lucid Owners Forums.