Watch This Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance Do Donuts

July 19, 2022

Lucid Motors had a media event last week, and I posted most, if not all, of the coverage of the event over here. In short, it was all very very positive about the event itself and Lucid Air’s drive, capabilities, etc. One of the videos I posted was from The Rich Builds YouTube channel and they really went into the Lucid Air hard, they did not hold back and it was super entertaining to see.

One thing they did, of many, was donuts in a parking lot. I embedded the whole video below, I recommend you watch it, if you didn’t already. But here is just the Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance model doing donuts in a parking lot:

Here is a smaller GIF of it in action as well:

Make sure to watch the full video below:

They joked, maybe not a joke, that Lucid reps afterward had to chaperon them.