Rumor: Lucid Motors To Start Lucid Air Touring Confirmations Soon

June 30, 2022

There are rumors floating around various threads in the Lucid Owners Forums that Lucid Motors soon will start allowing those who reserved the Touring trim of the Lucid Air to confirm their orders. Confirming your reservation commits you to ordering the Lucid Air by making your deposit not refundable and gives Lucid Motors the go ahead to start producing your car.

I dig through the stages of ordering a Lucid Air in detail over here – if you are curious.

Once you confirm your order, it normally takes about five months to have your Lucid Air delivered. Let me add a huge caveat here, those who initially confirmed their Lucid Air Grand Touring orders took way longer than five months to get their GTs delivered. But those who confirmed in like January 2022 were able to get their GTs delivered within five months, with some exceptions and outliers.

Note, that if you reserve a Grand Touring, you can confirm that reservation within days. Those reserving Touring trims or Pure trims have not yet been able to confirm those orders. We are expecting confirmations to open up within the next several days.

Where am I seeing these rumors? One person wrote here “I assume this is because the front end of the GT funnel is getting low – not enough new orders. This way they can get all the GTs flushed out before the end of the quarter. They are probably getting ready to send out a batch of Touring confirmations after the 1st and this way, all the GTs will be in the queue. Any future GT orders will just dribble in from here on out.” A lot of folks in the forums are agreeing with this statement and many are expecting Touring confirmations to start really soon.

Also, with Lucid Motors opening more test drives for Touring reservation holders, that is another sign that confirmations will soon follow. One person added here, “I’m still fairly convinced their plan is to start Touring confirmations in the first few weeks of July. With actual production starting shortly thereafter. So the earliest folks may still get their Touring orders by December. It certainly would make sense for Lucid to be able to say they are “now producing” Touring orders at the end of the year, at least. Even if the first deliveries end up being January.”

I guess time will tell and we will report on when we see this actually happening but for now, these are just rumors.