Lucid Motors Now Allows Test Drives For Touring Reservation Holders

June 29, 2022

Lucid Motors has generally just allowed those who had reservations for the Dream Edition and Grand Touring trims to go on test drives. That is, with the exception of some press and other exceptions here and there.

Those who reserved lower level trims, like the Touring or Pure trims, were unable to test drive the Lucid Air. Instead, they were told they can see the Lucid Air in a studio, sit in one, but not drive it.

I am told that Lucid Motors allowed all reservation holders to test drive but priority was given to customers with deliveries that are imminent. Although, I know a lot of Touring and Pure reservation holders that asked to test drive but were told there is no availability for them yet, and they were only giving test drives to Grand Touring reservation holders.

So this may mean that Touring reservation holders are closer to getting their cars now, which is promising.

Touring Reservations Can Request Test Drives

That is until today. Lucid Motors is now letting those who reserved the Touring trim, the trim between the Grand Touring and Pure, to schedule test drives. This was suppose to start in April but it ended up never happening and those with Touring reservations were unable to fully experience the car.

A Lucid Owners Forum thread has two Lucid Air Touring reservation holders confirming they are now scheduled to test drive the car. It seems like they will be test driving the Grand Touring trim, but it should be similar in terms of the overall drive.

One Touring reservation holder wrote “I received a call from one of the SAs at the Short Hills, NJ location that they are now “allowed” to do test drives for those with Touring reservations. I went to the studio on June 3rd and was told by the SA that I couldn’t take a test drive because they had not started production of the Touring trim and therefore were not allowed to give those potential customers a test drive, which seemed weird to me, but I went with it. They allowed me to sit in a GT and introduced the whole vehicle to me minus actually moving out of the parking spot. Anyway, I hope this is good news for us Touring folks.”

A second Touring reservation holder wrote “I am scheduled for my test drive on Friday. Was told the same thing by a SA when they announced the grand opening of the studio here near Denver. I told her I couldn’t make the grand opening, and she told me test drives were starting July 1st for Touring reservations, if I wanted to schedule one.”

A third posted “I am a touring reservation holder and was called 10 days ago to set up a test drive today in Millbrae. Test drove a GT. They told me since a couple weeks ago they were reaching out to touring reservations for test drives on a regular basis. Also had a truck arriving today with 14 cars so some people are getting delivery.”

Touring Trim Is Different

The Touring trim should be a different drive from the Grand Touring and Dream Edition. The Touring has about 100 less mile range, about 406 miles of range compared to over 500 miles of range on the two higher trims.

The Touring has less horse power, only 620hp compared to 800hp in the Grand Touring and up to 1,111hp in the Dream Edition. The 0-60 is 3.2 seconds in the Touring, compared to 3.0 seconds in the Grand Touring and 2.5-2.7 seconds in the Dream Edition.

The Touring, since it has less range and batteries, has more floor space in the back row. So the Touring and Pure have a bit more leg room than the higher models with extended range.

The Touring is still incredibly fast and has incredible range but it is not as incredible as the more expensive trims.

How To Get A Test Drive

It seems Lucid Motors is really letting only those who reserved the Lucid Air to test drive the cars, with the exception of some serious buyers or reviewers.

If you placed a reservation for $1,000 for a Lucid Air, you should be able to call a showroom and schedule a test drive.

I am waiting to test drive the Touring edition, I have yet to do any test drive but I hope to next month.