Lucid Motors Confirming Grand Touring Orders Within Days Now

April 27, 2022

There are reports of customers who are placing Lucid Air reservations and putting down a $1,000 deposit and then within a few days being allowed to confirm their orders. Lucid Owner Forum’s member “thecodingart” posted in the forum the other day saying “so I actually put a deposit down on a GT this weekend and just got a confirmation today.”

He added “I was honestly caught off guard. I was told at the show room in Miami that deliveries were projected anywhere from 2-5 months. I wasn’t expecting the confirmation to be faster than a month and was going back and forth on if I should go with a Taycan GTS or this guy.. I’m committed now lol.”

Of course, those who reserved the Lucid Air months or years ago, weren’t able to start confirming their orders until after Lucid Motors was getting ready to produce them. Now that Lucid Motors is producing and shipping Grand Touring Lucid Airs, you can confirm your order pretty quickly.

That doesn’t mean you will get the car quickly, Lucid Motors is now taking about 5 months from order confirmation to delivery of vehicle.

You can learn more about the Lucid Air ordering process, what the Lucid Air reservation emails look like and the process of upgrading your Touring trim to a Grand Touring trim.