Jon Rettinger’s Six-Month Review Of The Lucid Air

June 26, 2022

Jon Rettinger, an excellent videographer and car reviewer, has now owned his Lucid Air Dream Edition performance edition for six-months and he put together an excellent video review of the car six-months into ownership.

The short – the car is still amazing to drive, he absolutely loves how it handles, the speed, the control, the appearance, exterior and interior look. And there is no surprise, he really wants to see major improvements to the software and he is a bit taken back by the lack of progress on the software side. He is optimistic that we will see vast improvements on the software side within six-months from now, but he was also optimistic about those improvements coming within the past six-months, and they have not.

I posted his first review in the list of some of the best Lucid Air reviews on YouTube, and also his Q&A on the Lucid Air, I will repost those below under his six-month review video.

Six Month Review Of The Lucid Air

The video above is new, the two videos below we already covered and are not new but I wanted to include them here just in case you missed them.

Jon’s First Review Of The Lucid Air

His Q&A On The Lucid Air

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