Jon Rettinger Answers 14 Questions On His Lucid Air Dream Edition Purchase

March 23, 2022

Jon Rettinger who did the single best review of the Lucid Air, in my opinion, just posted a new video answering 13 of 14 of the most common questions he received since he posted his first video. Jon has owned the Dream Edition of the Lucid Air, which you cannot buy from Lucid anymore, so he based his answers on this limited edition of this car.

The Video:

Here is the video, I will post the summary of the questions and answers below the video:

Questions & Answers Summary Text Version

(1) Since the reviews, have any software issues fixed issues?  The phone now works to unlock the car and the launch time of the software is also now faster.

(2) What is a feature you wish the Air had?  CarPlay and Android auto is currently not there and Jon wants that.  Plus, he is looking forward to DreamDrive Pro.

(3) What is something you miss from your other cars?  Teslas software is way ahead of Lucid, but it is expected he said.  He misses the always on dash, sentry mode, seeing his car with external cameras, and those features. He also said some people might not be happy with the charging network, compared to Tesla but he charges at home so it is not a big deal for him.

(4) Do you feel the weight and size while driving?  It does not drive like a heavy car, he loves the way it drives.  He does not feel the weight at all.

(5) What was your experience with the recent recall?  Lucid sent someone out to his studio the next day, checked it out and his car did not have the problem.  It was an excellent experience and he added all cars have recalls and Lucid handed it super well and they come to you.

(6) Can you explain  more about the aero wheels? It is limited to the Dream Edition, and the look grew on him and he likes it but he may pull them out here and there if he wants.

(7) How is the sound system? He is an audio book listener, but he listened to music and he said it sounds awesome to him.  He mentioned you get spacial alerts and if there is an alert coming from the left, you hear it on the left.

(8) With all that glass, how is the heat inside the car? Manageable? He feels no heat, he doesn’t feel warm at all. 

(9) How long will it take to receive the car if I place the order now? He said he has no idea.  The truth is, they started to confirm and even deliver some of the Grand Touring trims and expect to deliver most of those in Q2. Then we are expecting the Touring trim in Q3/Q4 and Pure trim in Q4/Q1.

(10) How long will it take for Lucid to reach “mass” market with its other cars? He didn’t really have much insights but I disagree with what he said. 

(11) What is the real world range? Do you regret getting the performance model? The max it goes is 520 miles of range but he went with the 470 miles of range performance version and he is happy, he got 455 to 460 range.   But he hasn’t fully tested it, so he is unsure.

(12) What would you change about the car?  Alexa is a mess and almost unusable he said in the car.  He would like to use Google Assistant or Siri instead.

(13) Is the cart worth it? Are you happy with your decision?  He said he would get it again but he knew what to expect and an early adopter.  The software is not great but the drive is amazing and the car itself is great.

(14) Why get the Lucid Air Dream Edition over a Tesla Model S Plaid? He will make a new video on that, so stay tuned he said.