Some Of The Best Lucid Air YouTube Reviews

March 17, 2022

If you search on YouTube for Lucid Air reviews, you will find hundreds of review videos of this car. And while less than 500 Lucids are out on the road, there are well over a hundred reviews. Yes, sure, a lot of folks had a few hours with the car, so they throw together a review. Some reviews are from reviewers who have never even seen the car.

I figured it would be useful to post some of the most useful and fun reviews of the Lucid Air currently available on YouTube.

Jon Rettinger

Jon Rettinger spent weeks and weeks with the Lucid Air making his review – he owns the car, and he has owned Teslas in the past. So his review, is probably one of the most useful to watch – plus it is super entertaining. Not only that, he is participating in the Lucid Owners forums and used a lot of the early owner feedback as material for his review, – I respect that a ton.

On June 25, 2022 Jon posted his six-month review:

Doug DeMuro

Doug DeMuro is one of the most famous car reviewers on YouTube today. He really goes into insane detail in his review videos. No, he has not driven the car for weeks like Jon, but he gives you a much more detailed perspective on the car than some others.


Hagerty is another well respected, unbiased, car review company and I have to say, the review Hagerty put together for the Lucid Air is breathtaking.

Jay Leno

Jay Leno is just simply entertaining and he knows his cars – his reviews are always a must watch. He even had some of the executives from Lucid Motors on his review.

Dr. Beasley’s

Dr. Beasley’s gives us a deep dive from a dealer’s perspective:

Marques Brownlee

One of my favorite YouTubers and tech reviewers is Marques Brownlee – and while he reviewed the Lucid Air five years ago, it is pretty good and it was 5 years ago. Lucid did not even start to deliver these cars until several months ago.

Throttle House

Here is a review from Throttle House that I found not just entertaining but educational.


Engadget, a popular tech blog, has the most recent review:


The folks at Edmunds published a pretty detail review in April 2022 of the Lucid Air Dream Edition range edition with 19″ wheels:


With the European launch in May 2022, the more famous European car review company posted its review.


A review from Vancouver…

Ryan Shaw

Ryan Shaw borrowed Jon Rettinger’s Lucid Air Dream Edition for his review.

Car Confections

Here is the review from Car Confections:

Did I miss any reviews that you found useful? Let me know.