Most Lucid Air Owners Had Their Cars Serviced Already, Survey Says

May 12, 2022

Over 70% of Lucid Air owners had said their cars have already been serviced by the Lucid Motors service team. A poll was placed in the Lucid Owners Forums, which may have maybe 10% or less of Lucid Air owners who participate in the forums.

The poll asked “How many times has your car been in for service?” To be fair, there were only 15 responses and the responses showed that most, like over 70%, had their Lucid Air EVs already serviced at least one time. Only 20% said they never had their cars serviced but 20% said they had their cars serviced more than three times.

Most of these owners had their cars for less than six months, some even just had their cars for weeks.

Here is the poll results right now:

We know the car is super new, there have only been hundreds of these cars delivered so far, so 15 is not a real representative sample but at the same time, we expect a new car to have both hardware and software kinks. And while the software kinks can be worked out without your car going anywhere, the hardware kinks might need more attention.

We’ve seen owners complain about hardware issues with:

  • Turtle mode where the car goes limp
  • Leaks (which may be due to doors not closing and user error)
  • Misalignment of panels
  • Weird noises
  • Light signal issues on some
  • and other issues

But from what I hear from owners, Lucid Motors is taking all these issues, even user error issues, seriously and being fast to resolve those issues and being transparent about those issues to the customers.