Reviews From Real Lucid Air Owners – The Good & Bad

April 13, 2022

Lucid Motors has delivered probably about 500 or so Lucid Airs, between the Dream Edition and Grand Touring trims. Some have had the car for a few months now, including Jon Rettinger in his two awesome YouTube reviews.

But not everyone is a videographer who can make super slick and entertaining, as well as very useful, video reviews. Some of the owners are in the Lucid Owners Forums posting their reviews. Here are several review threads from owners after driving the car for enough miles to have an opinion.

Those are some of the more recent threads from Lucid owners who have enough time with the Lucid Air to give a real world review of the car. I have also scoured the forums for the past few months reading every complaint and compliment from Lucid owners in the forums. I cannot include every piece of review but I’ll try to sum it up.

The Good:

Here are the main attributes people love with the Lucid Air, the vast majority have to do with the physical attributes of the car, the hardware and how it handles:

  • The drive
  • The handling
  • The quiet cabin
  • The luxury
  • The interior
  • The comfort
  • The range
  • The appearance
  • The service

The Bad:

Here are the main attributes people dislike with the Lucid Air, the vast majority of the issues have to do with the software, which seem like they can be fixed with over the air updates:

  • Software overall is not as good as competitors
  • DreamDrive Pro not there
  • No Apple CarPlay or Android Auto Yet
  • Unlock and lock not consistent
  • Adaptive cruise control quirky
  • Driver distraction technology too sensitive
  • Homelink just isn’t good (physical button requested?)
  • Slow to boot software/car
  • Wireless phone charger

Overall, it seems like Lucid got the hardware and physical features of the car done super well (minus the phone charger) and most of the other issues can be fixed with over the air software updates.

I do also hear some complaints about the published range, i.e. 520 miles or 506 miles on a full charge versus what you actually get. But those complaints are across all EVs.

Personally, I have never driven an EV, and I hear this is a super EV car and takes time to get use to. So I am a bit nervous, but I do love new things and relearning things I thought I knew. So I am also very excited.