Report: Steven David Rebuilding Lucid Motors Operations Leadership Team

September 6, 2022

Business Insider reports that “at least six manufacturing-focused, high-level hires have left Lucid Motors in recent weeks.” This is likely due to Lucid Motors appointing Steven David as Senior Vice President of Operations last month. Those who have reportedly left include:

  • VP of global manufacturing Peter Hochholdinger
  • VP of programs Ralph Jakobs
  • Head of Arizona operations Mike Boike
  • Head of new product introduction, program management David Peel
  • Senior manager, logistics engineering Chris Barber
  • Director of operational excellence Keith Champion

Peter Hochholdinger is not surprising, being that his role was taken over by Nicolas Minbiole in May after the recall issue. Ralph Jakobs we knew about and reported on in July left the company quietly. Mike Boike has been with Lucid for over six years and for the past year-plus as the Head of Arizona operations. David Peel left Lucid in August 2022 to work down the block at the truck EV startup, Nikola Motor Corporation, Peel was the Head of new product introduction, and program management. Chris Barber was at Lucid for less than two years and was the Senior manager of logistics engineering. Keith Champion was at Lucid for about three years and was the Director of operational excellence.

Only David Peel’s LinkedIn bio seems to note that he is no longer at Lucid Motors.

This really comes as no surprise, as Steven David was brought in to revamp things. This may be those efforts, as Peter Rawlinson, the CEO and CTO of Lucid Motors said on the last earnings call “We’re overhauling our logistics processes and introducing a series of improvements to simplify the system and yet make it more efficient and robust.”