Ben Collins, The Stig, Mentions Big Lucid Motors Reveal

August 17, 2022

Ben Collins, aka The Stig, has posted on Instagram a video about the event he is at with the Lucid Motors team. He talks about the Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance model, and how he will be doing some runs with it but at the end, he mentions you should stick around for the big reveal that Lucid Motors has for Friday.

As a reminder, Lucid Motors will announce a new variant of the Lucid Air this coming Friday and all signs seem to be leading towards a tri-motor Lucid Air that will likely blow past the Tesla Model S Plaid speeds.

His Instagram post has a hashtag for #3 where he wrote “Roll up – ready for my first run in the Lucid Air GTP @ the Rolex Motorsport Reunion around Laguna Seca – stay tuned for a big reveal @lucidmotors this Friday 19th at 10.05 pacific time (cant say more 🥷). In the meantime, I’ll be putting the hammer down on some hot laps for the brave peeps who signed the waiver 🤪”

Here is the video: