Andrew Liveris, Lucid Motors Chairman, Talks About The Lucid Air

August 17, 2022

Andrew Liveris is the chairman of the board of Lucid Motors and is an Australian former CEO and chairman of The Dow Chemical Company of Midland, Michigan. Liveris has been a member of Dow’s board of directors since February 2004, CEO since November 2004, and was elected as chairman of the board effective 1 April 2006.

He was interviewed on The David Rubenstein Show: Peer-to-Peer Conversations and spoke about the company and the car. He was one of the first to buy a Lucid Air, by the way, and the second one to have it in the whole state of Florida. He said when he was driving it there, people just started to gather around the car – he said the car drives supremely well – by the way.

Here is the video interview:

Here is the transcript:

Let’s talk about Lucid for a moment here the chairman of the sit ins and it’s an electric vehicle company Tesla seems to be so far ahead of everybody else. How do you compete with test them when they have such a large share of that market.

This is a technology business. So in your earlier question about how did I get involved I said manufacturing. Well manufacturing is an interesting word being useful. A couple hundred years in humanity as we obviously went up the technology ladder. Humans are inventive and innovative because of technology advantages. Lucent offers a technology advantage and beats everyone right now and it’s being recognized for it. Firstly is the distance we can travel without needing to charge and that’s over 500 miles. EPA certified second is our charging time. We can actually get a recharge of up to 300 miles in 22 minutes. That’s technology.

Those two topics are all about technology. The car and its surrounds is aesthetically beautiful. It drives fantastically. It’s absolutely totally a luxury car and clearly an experience. And the software that supports it is also technology. So what we’ve been doing it Lucid is homing in on the technology side of differentiation. Is there room for a Tesla or Lucid in a bunch of others. Of course. I mean we are going to see these as the primary mode of transportation in our lifetime whereas Lucid manufacturers cars Arizona Casa Grande Di Arizona just outside of Phoenix. And if I wanted to go buy one where do I go buy one. You buy them online or you come to the showroom like this and they cost about five thousand dollars apiece or something like that. You are in the right place to buy one. Maybe. Hopefully. So what you want as you leave the. We have a retail strategy. We go directly retail and service centers around the country. We’re opening up retail centers as we speak in Europe but we have them in the United States. And this is an example of one. And no the price point is not 5000 of. We have a price point at the high end. Luxury in our competition is Porsche BMW out here trying to be an electric vehicle for high end car at this point in time. That’s our strategy. We’ve got the dream. The grand touring. We’ve got the the air and then the SUV the gravity these price points north of a hundred thousand dollars with the dream at about one sixty one seventy thousand. But clearly that’s the luxury in the mass market end with General Motors and Ford and others in appointing themselves is obviously the big opportunity. We’ll eventually get there. But we’ve made no announcements.

And you have one of these cars. I do. I was an early buyer at full price. I felt as important that I demonstrate my support for the team. I’ll never forget the the amazing drive I had in. I have it down in Florida where my residences I drove it drove to Palm Beach and drove around there. And every time I stopped I had people looking at me and I knew it wasn’t me. It was clearly the car. And then I parked it and I will kid you not. It was like a mob scene around me. It was one of the I think was the second car in Florida. So clearly had not been seen. I valet parked it at this hotel where I was having dinner and the gentleman wanted to compete with the other gentleman to valet park. Can I drive a car drive. And I said you know what. Maybe I should pack it myself. And so it’s it’s it’s an attractive car and it really drives supremely well.