Why I Reserved A Lucid Air

March 15, 2022

EVs have always interested me but I didn’t want to get a car that does not support Apple CarPlay. So that ruled out the king of EVs, Tesla. The other EVs on the market that were coming out were not there yet with range and the new companies that were coming out made no mention of CarPlay.

Lucid Motors on the other hand is using CarPlay and Android Auto as marketing material for its website, and when I contacted the sales folks, they were were excited to confirm the Lucid Air will support CarPlay, so that made me super interested in this car.

Larger Cars

My wife really did not want me to get a sedan, she wanted me to get a 7 passenger SUV to fit the whole family. But I really love sedans and we already have an 8 passenger van, so I really pushed to go back to a sedan. So my current lease is an Acura MDX 7 seater, which is a nice SUV but it is big and I want something smaller. Ultimately, since she is my wife, she convinced me to go ahead and go do the dealership and try to get the Lincoln Aviator.

Going to the Lincoln dealership was the reason I put down a reservation for the Lucid Air. For me to lease the Lincoln Aviator, they wanted over $1,400 per month – that car should be maybe, maybe $600 per month but probably less. I am currently paying in the $400s for the MDX.

Car Market Is Insane

I get it, the market for buying or leasing new or used cars is currently insane. Dealerships, some not all, are literally charging way over MSRP for these cars. So I decided, I will put in a reservation for a Lucid Air, pay their MSRP, and not negotiate or be ripped off by paying over MSRP.

If the auto market was not the way it was now, I’d probably be in an Aviator right now. But that dealership experience pushed me to not want to buy or lease a car from a dealership in this market.

Reserving the Lucid

I convinced my wife to let me put down a reservation for the Lucid Air after that, despite it not being able to fit the whole family. I told her were can throw a few kids in the frunk or trunk or both (kidding of course).

I went online, reserved the Lucid Air, emailed the “Studio Advisor” I was dealing with over email about the reservation and he locked it in. Now, I wait for Lucid Motors to have me “confirm” the order, so that I can know approximately when I will be driving this machine.

In short, I reserved the Lucid Air because of its range, CarPlay support (in the future), the current state of the auto market, and because it is an EV that seems to be thinking about the future.