Lucid Motors Soliciting Reservation Holders To Upgrade To More Expensive Model For Original Price

June 28, 2022

Lucid Motors has been emailing some of those who reserved the lower cost Lucid Air trims soliciting them to upgrade to the more expensive trim at the original lower cost of that trim, prior to the price increase.

As a reminder, the price increase was on June 1, 2022 – and after that, the price of all the Lucid Air models and options went up from 10 to 13% or so. Lucid Air pricing changes are as follows:

  • Grand Touring is going from $139,000 to $154,000 (up 10%)
  • Touring is going from $95,000 to $107,400 (up 12%)
  • Pure is going from $77,400 to $87,400 (up 12%)

But starting mid-June, two weeks after the price increase, Lucid Motors began emailing customers with an “opportunity” to upgrade from the Touring and Pure trims to the Grand Touring at the lower cost, the $139,000 cost.

Those who received this offer have until the end of this month, June 30th, to upgrade to get the original price.

On June 18th, Joe C in the Lucid Owners Forums said he received this solicitation email from Lucid Motors, he wrote:

I just got the email asking if I want to upgrade my Touring to a GT. That offer is only good until June 30. I’m assuming that’s because they are still planning to start confirming Touring orders sometime in July. Otherwise, why not make the offer until August or September? It’s more money to them, if my reservation is just going to sit there, anyway.

The Drive Tesla Canada blog reported also seeing these upgrade offers from Lucid Motors. They wrote:

According to an email sent to reservation holders over the weekend and provided to Drive Tesla, the offer is only valid until June 30, 2022. After that date, any upgrade to a higher trim will mean you have to pay the new pricing scheme.

I am aware of Sales Advisors at Lucid Motors offering this to customers as well both via email and on the phone.

I do wonder if anyone is going to upgrade or not being that the Touring’s new price is $107,400 and the Grand Touring’s original price is $139,000 and you get more from the GT. Of course, those who reserved the Touring early on will get the original price of $95,000.

Update: On July 1st, Lucid Motors changed the incentive from the lower price to being able to get the car sooner than the lower cost trims.