Lucid Motors Delivery 1,117 Electric Vehicles Through Mid-May 2022

May 26, 2022

One of the numbers Lucid Motors has been super quiet about between earning announcements has been the number of cars the EV company has been delivering. But with the recall news, we know that Lucid Motors has recalled all their cars that were delivered and they had to release the actual number of cars potentially impacted. That number was 1,117 Lucid Air EVs – Luid Motors delivered 1,117 EVs through mid-May.

How Many Cars We Know Lucid Motors Delivered

When the Q2 2022 Lucid Group earnings were released, we wrote about what we know about how many cars were delivered.

  • In Q4 2021, Lucid said they delivered 125 cars directly to customers, while producing 400 cars in Q4.
  • In that same Q4 earnings report, Lucid said a total of 300 cars were delivered including the 125 that quarter.
  • In Q1 2022, Lucid said it delivered 360 cars to customers in Q4 alone, while producing 700 cars in that quarter.
  • In the Q1 2022 earnings call, Lucid said in April it delivered 300 cars alone.

Will Lucid Hit My Estimate Of 1,560 Delivered Lucid Air EVs?

Keep in mine, Lucid said they expect 1% of less of those 1,117 Lucid Air EVs to be impacted by this recall. But Lucid does have to inspect each one, which takes 30 minutes or less, to see if it does have the issue.

So we know Lucid Motors delivered 1,117 EVs through about early May. I believe the last deliveries were in the first week of May, like May 4th or so. But there were some folks who accepted a car from Lucid as late as May 15th, because of a cancelation from a different customer. So maybe Lucid Motors delivered 1,117 cars through May 15, 2022?

You can not delivery cars to customers when there is a recall in place, so now that the recall is out there, maybe Lucid can now start delivering inspected cars that do not have an issue with this specific recall issue?

I estimated Lucid Motors would deliver between between 1,560 and 1,860 by June 30, 2022. With 1,117 cars delivered to date, that gives Lucid another ~35 days to deliver 443 cars to hit my estimate.

I do think it is possible, I do think Lucid has a ton of cars ready to go to be delivered and we know Lucid delivered 300 EVs in the month of April alone, so doing 450 or so in June is feasible, espesially if the cars are already produced and ready to go?

Frustrating Delays For Lucid & Customers But Back On Track

But clearly this backed things up and new production had to be stalled a week or two due to this recall. There are also many customers who paid in full, who got financing, or received approval for financing for 30 days but now do not have an ETA for when their car will be delivered. Some are upset they prepaid for a car weeks ago that has not been delivered. Some are upset that their 30-day lock on their rate for financing the car has or will expire before they get the car.

Lucid has begun sending customers VIN assignments again this morning, as I see in the Lucid Owner Forum.

But ultimately – Lucid will deliver these cars and this is hopefully just one small misstep in the overall Lucid journey.