George Soro Buys 600,000 LCID Shares – $15.24M In Lucid Group

May 16, 2022

George Soro, the 91 year old billionaire, who had net worth of US$8.6 billion a year ago March, has bought 600,000 shared of Lucid Group (LCID) stock according to a SEC filing. MarketWatch reported he doubled down on Rivian stock bringing the value he has in Rivian worth about $693 million. He also bought a new stake in Lucid stock worth $15.24 million.

Soro bought the stock at about $25 per share, the stock last week dipped as low at $13.25 per share but sprung back to close out the week at $18 per share.

He also sold off positions on EV maker Fisker Inc. FSR and on auto maker General Motors Co. GM.

You can see the specific line where George Soros’ Fund Management bought 600,000 shared of Lucid Group in the SEC filing over here.