Auto Detailer Takes Deep Look At Lucid Air In Zenith Red Exterior

May 5, 2022

As more and more Lucid Air vehicles get in the hands of owners, we are seeing more and more reviews of these cars. Like we covered before, it seems most Lucid Air owners are getting additional exterior paint protection added to their cars and here is one auto detailer expert who did a deep dive on the Lucid Air in Zenith Red painted exterior to give his two cents.

At the end of the video he said he wasn’t sure if this car was worth $140,000 but he was super impressed with the interior. He did not review the drive quality, the software, or charging and range – he just reviewed the detail of the exterior and interior finishes.

Before you watch this, I have heard the the Zenith Red exterior paint was done differently from the other paint finishes of the Grand Touring. So maybe this was not a fair test? But it is interesting to see either way:

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