Lucid Air Touring without DreamDrive Pro or Surreal Sound Pro Now Delayed To Q4 2022

May 4, 2022

Lucid Motors has updated the Lucid Air configuration page for the Touring trim, the 3rd tier Lucid Air, which is under the Grand Touring trim. Now if you do not want the DreamDrive Pro or the Surreal Sound Pro options, your Lucid Air Touring will be delayed from Q3 2022 to Q4 2022.

The Touring trim costs $95,000 but with options like the glass canopy roof, DreamDrive Pro and Surreal Sound Pro the cost goes up to $110,900 to get the Lucid Air Touring trim as early as Q3 2022.

Here is how much each of these add-ons cost:

  • $9,000 for DreamDrive Pro
  • $2,900 for Surreal Sound Pro
  • $4,000 for Glass Canopy

The glass canopy had the $4,000 price tag and Q4 label on the site for a while now but the other items had the cost but did not communicate anything about a delay to Q4, that is until the past couple of days.

This is upsetting a number of those who reserved the Touring trim years or months ago, as they were hoping to get the Lucid Air without the DreamDrive Pro or Surreal Sound Pro and still get their cars in Q3. Here are some of the complaints in the Lucid Owner Forums and Lucid Forums:

Just checked my Touring order and you cannot reserve car without DD Pro now. Standard Dream Drive availability pushed out until 4th quarter. This is very disappointing as the DD Pro is and probably will be non-functional for a long time. Not a 9K option I will order. 

Well, that sucks. Not worth $9k to me to get the car a few months earlier…

Very disappointed to hear that. It’s definitely not worth it to me, as you said, it will not be functional for a long time. Maybe time to reconsider Lucid

I have no need for DD Pro and didn’t include it in my March order. If that delays delivery of my Touring I’ll likely cancel.

That really is a shame. I noticed the surround sound was that way the other day and now they’ve done the same with DreamDrive. As many have surmised it is most likely they are going to produce configurations that are most similar to the GT first since they already have the components. Since I have no interest in DreamDrive Pro I guess this automatically puts me into Q4 which was also when I was told the i4 I was also wanting to reserve may be available by from a different dealer.