What A Lucid Air Reservation Email Looks Like

March 21, 2022

Ever wonder what a Lucid Air Reservation email looks like? I am sure the email template has changed since Lucid Motors began accepting reservations but here is the email I received after I placed my reservation for the Lucid Air Touring trim.

I blurred out the reservation number and date for privacy reasons but it basically reads:

We’re delighted to confirm your Lucid Air Touring reservation and welcome you to the Lucid community.

For your records, here are your reservation details:
Name: Barry Schwartz
Reservation ID: AIR-###########
Deposit Amount: $1,000 USD
Reservation Date: (Pacific Time)
Country for Delivery: US
Thank you for dreaming ahead. We’re thrilled to have you with us.
The Lucid Team

Here is that screenshot:

Lucid Air Reservation Email

I’ve seen samples of the emails announcing that you can now reserve the car, specifically the Dream Edition, on Reddit and the Lucid Owners forums but not much else.

There are also emails asking you to confirm your order, that happens when your car is ready to be built and you must convert your reservation into an official confirmed order.