Upgrading Your Lucid Air Reservation

March 25, 2022

After placing a reservation for the Touring trim of the Lucid Air a couple of months ago, I decided after much consideration and self-doubt, to upgrade the reservation to the Grand Touring trim. I’ll discuss below the process in upgrading, why I upgraded and what I am expecting to change after upgrading.

How To Upgrade Your Lucid Reservation

The easiest way to upgrade your Lucid Air trim and reservation is to simply login to your Lucid Air account and click the upgrade. Of course, if you are already on the Grand Touring trim, there is nothing to upgrade towards. But if you are on the Pure or Touring Trim, you can upgrade.

I emailed my Studio Advisor (SA) that I wanted to upgrade and he told me not to use the website but instead speak directly to someone at Lucid Motors headquarters. That individual called me within 24-hours and upgraded me on the phone and answered any additional questions I had.

The Lucid Air Upgrade Email

So I was expecting a more exciting email saying I’ve been upgraded but no. The email I received was almost identical to the original email with the exception of the word “Grand” being added in front of the word “Touring.” The other difference is that the color of the car and background was red and not black – I ordered Quantum Grey by the way, not Red.

Reservation ID & Date Is Unchanged But Expecting The Car Sooner

The reservation ID in the email and the date was unchanged. So I do not go to the back of the queue, as if I reserved today, it uses the original reservation date for the queue in when you can confirm your order.

The Lucid representative told me on the phone that I should expect to be able to confirm the car within “weeks” and have the car delivered within 2-5 months depending on the car configuration. Like I said before, availability dates do change based on exterior and interior color selection and other factors. I believe my configuration should not be delayed but who knows…

Why I Upgraded From Touring To Grand Touring

Range anxiety. Yep, that simple. Even though, on average, I drive maybe 30 miles per day, there are times where I go on business trips that are hundreds of miles away. My gut was telling me that I will be driving a lot more in the future because (a) COVID is calming (I think) and (b) I am not leasing this car so there is no limit on miles. So I suspect I will be more willing to drive longer distances, and not fly, with this car.

Next week, I am driving over 350 miles to meet with a few colleagues and businesses. The Touring has 400 miles of range on a single charge, and I know people expect closer to 300-350 in the colder locations. So having those extra 100 miles of range, I can feel more comfortable driving up to Buffalo or down to Washington, D.C. without stopping and charge up when I get to the hotel.

Also, when I added some of the optional add-ons to the Touring model, like the glass canopy, the DreamDrive Pro and the color options, I was getting up within range of the price of the Grand Touring. Between that and the miles, and I am told I will like the massage seats, I decided to pull the trigger.

Finally, I have been reading not just the professional reviews on YouTube, by Car and Driver and other magazines, and more importantly by the owners in the Lucid Owners Forums – and the vast majority are over the moon with this car.

What I Am Expecting Now

Since I upgraded, I am now expecting the car to come several months sooner. I am hopeful to have the car before I have to renew my Acura lease another six months. I am expecting to be asked to confirm the order within 3 weeks and then have the car delivered by June or July. But I am hoping it will be delivered sooner – who knows.

Next steps is to confirm the order, get a home charger installed and wait for the car to be delivered.