Lucid Motors Processing VINs For Quantum Grey Exteriors

April 20, 2022

The day has come, with all the delays and rumors about the Quantum grey exterior colors for the Lucid Air, a customer in the Lucid Owners Forums confirmed he got his VIN for his Quantum grey Lucid Air Grand Touring!

We heard from Lucid representatives last week that they were processing grey Grand Tourings but we have not heard from a real customer that ordered a grey Lucid Air that they received their VIN – that is until today.

Neurio in the forums confirmed his order on November 2, 2021 – he was one of the first to have confirmed the grey Lucid Air. Neurio has a grey exterior with a mojave interior. He wrote:


I got my VIN! Greys are truly on their way.

He was asked if this was in line with the commutation from Lucid Motors, he said “Kind of. They kept moving the goal posts, from the original 2-4 months to early April to the week of April 11 (last week) to April 18-30 most recently. So they made that last goal, but only after changing it multiple times.”

This is very exciting for those who ordered the Lucid Air in grey exterior, including myself. Hopefully they will get through a lot of the grey Lucids fast now and catch up with the black, white and red exteriors. As a reminder, the silvers are delayed until the third-quarter.

Neurio added later “My DA said he got a batch of 20 grey VINs today, so I’m guessing they’re going to come hard and fast. Said 7-10 days for ready to ship, but a lot have been faster. Hoping to have the car by the 2nd week of May!”

As a remind, it generally takes a week or two after the VIN is assigned for the car to be fully produced and then a week or three longer to be delivered.