Is Lucid Motors Now Processes Quantum Grey Exterior VINs?

April 14, 2022

As you know, those who have ordered the Lucid Air in quantum grey exterior color have yet to be assigned a VIN or receive their cars. Lucid Motors said there is no delay, just that the grey color is new and it is being “harmonized.”

Well, the wait might be over and the grey may have been “harmonized.”

According to one Lucid buyer in the Lucid Motors Forums, a Lucid Motors Delivery Advisor told him yesterday that “the first 4 grey VIN’s that Lucid has released and sent them out to their owners.” He was also told that he should receive his grey Lucid Air “within two weeks.”

However, another member in the forum added that he is hearing conflicting information from Lucid’s Deliver Advisors. He said “that is interesting. Another member said privately to me that nothing had been done before today, but today there were two. My DA said no VINs had been issued and he was contacting all the DAs. If one had been issued, I would be told. Another member with a different DA privately told me the same thing. so we have 4 DAs with three different answers.”

We have yet to see a Lucid Air in Quantum Grey being delivered, so I guess until we see photos of a grey Lucid Air in someone’s driveway or on the road, then I guess this is still unconfirmed.

Update. A Lucid buyer who reserved on 3/30/2021 and confirmed on 11/30/2021 a grey exterior emailed me that he is getting his car soon. His DA sent him the following message:

I just got word from the factory today that your car has officially started production last week! The car is projected to be through paint and get a VIN assigned by the 3rd week of April, and we have been seeing about 1 to 3 weeks from VIN assignment to vehicle shipment. This means I expect we should be delivering you this car by the end of June at the latest, but probably a little earlier than that.