Watch The Lucid Air Goes Through A Car Wash

April 15, 2022

Here is a video of the Lucid Air going through a car wash or car spa. This was shared by @baddriver20202 on Twitter, he videoed the process and added some fun music:

He added that this was his “high pressure water test” and that the “chipped windshield canopy has held up fairly well” with “no leaks” to report. If you remember, a few weeks ago we reported about the windshield chip on the Lucid Air and then the cost to repair the glass canopy.

He also added that the Lucid “Air in this clip usually gets the “royal treatment” at the car spa, but I did this twice as I wanted to test the car & the glass canopy chip in a rough Environment. The Paint & the glass are ok. I’m probably the only 1 testing Lucid in real world.”

Yep – I would be afraid to take it through a car wash but maybe not anymore?

Update: At the 10:15 mark in this video, there is video footage of another Lucid Air going through a car wash: