Lucid Motors Allowing Some Grand Touring Customers To Upgrade To Performance Model

April 14, 2022

As you know by now, Lucid Motors announced a new line for the Grand Touring Trim, the performance edition that has more horsepower, more 0-60mph and also more expensive but with less range. There are many drivers who received their Grand Tourings already, I am estimating maybe a hundred or two hundred thus far, and thousands (~5,000 if I had to guess) remaining to go.

Those who have confirmed orders but have yet to have their cars assigned a VIN and go into production are being given a chance to upgrade to the performance model. They obviously would have to pay more, from the $139,000 to the $179,000 – a $40,000 difference, plus they need to know that this car won’t be shipped as quickly as the one they have on order. The performance GT won’t be shipping until June, the earliest.

The Email To Upgrade

A Lucid Air GT buyer posted the email he received from Lucid Motors about upgrading and it read:

I also wanted to share broader news; Lucid is now delivering Grand Tourings, and introduced a new variant which will begin production in the summer. This variant will command a price premium of $40,000, have more horsepower and less range (~60 miles). I know range confidence was a primary reason you chose the Lucid Air Grand Touring, but I wanted to give the opportunity to upgrade if you wish.

If you do wish to upgrade, please note, you will be subject to new pricing (including terms & conditions), and your delivery date will be impacted. Feel free to think about it, please know we’re here if you have any questions, but we will need an answer no later than next Wednesday, 4/20.

So far, I have not seen anyone Lucid buyer say they are upgrading yet but I suspect some might…